[Haskell-cafe] Announcing the Haskell Error Index

Hécate hecate at glitchbra.in
Thu Oct 20 13:57:56 UTC 2022

Hi David,

as an industrial Haskell user I cannot thank you enough for the value 
that this brings to my teams, especially when we are in the process of 
onboarding newcomers.
This is priceless.


Le 20/10/2022 à 14:26, David Christiansen via Haskell-Cafe a écrit :
> The Haskell Error Index (https://errors.haskell.org/) is a 
> community-driven web site for improving the documentation of Haskell 
> tooling. In the upcoming release of GHC, each error message or warning 
> includes a unique code. This code can be looked up on the index to 
> find user-contributed explanations and examples. As the specific 
> phrasing of messages in GHC is improved over time, the codes will 
> remain constant, which allows the documentation on the site to retain 
> its value and its search-engine usefulness.
> The site is run off of a Git repo full of Markdown files and example 
> programs at https://github.com/haskellfoundation/error-message-index/ 
> , so you don't need to be an expert to contribute. Contributions of 
> documentation as well as technical improvements to the site generator, 
> HTML, and CSS are all very welcome. Most of the current content and 
> infrastructure was contributed by volunteers at Zurihac this year.
> Right now, it only covers an unreleased version of GHC, but the system 
> is set up to also work with other tools. If you're an author of 
> Haskell-related tooling and would like to have it included, please 
> write to me at david at haskell.foundation.
> The site is inspired by the Rust error index and by the excellent 
> user-contributed sections in the PHP documentation. It's part of the 
> Haskell Foundation's technical agenda, arising from a Haskell 
> Foundation Technical Proposal 
> (https://github.com/haskellfoundation/tech-proposals/blob/main/proposals/accepted/024-error-messages.md). 
> If you'd like to have influence on what we at the HF do, please submit 
> a proposal!
> All the best,
> David Thrane Christiansen
> Executive Director
> The Haskell Foundation
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