[Haskell-cafe] ANN: Copilot 3.10

Joey Hess id at joeyh.name
Mon Jul 18 21:12:37 UTC 2022

Karel Gardas wrote:
> Thanks for the talk and for the arduino and zephyr support. However seen
> this I can't resist to think that you basically turn copilot upside down and
> make that a real "pilot". E.g. you turn all the sampling of system variables
> and comparing with the spec idea to let's make it a real C code and run that
> instead. Am I right or still not getting whole idea behind the Copilot?

Yes, the Arduino is being piloted without anyone in the other seat, as it
were. arduino-copilot generates just enough C code to make that work,
relying heavily on the arduino libraries.

see shy jo
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