[Haskell-cafe] Public floggings

Anthony Clayden anthony.d.clayden at gmail.com
Thu Oct 7 19:52:51 UTC 2021

>  how I've found perversely delightful ways to use the C preprocessor.
Especially token-pasting.

Then boy! do I have an offer for you/you'll be like a pig in muck.

There's a Haskell compiler written in C++, using all the tricks you love:

* #define nested inside #if, so you're never quite sure which version of a
macro is in play.
* #defines that expand to a series of assignments and routine calls.
* Module-wide and global variables that get updated as side-effects of
routine calls
(as well as those routines passing back results)
* All data structures being cons pairs deeply nested, typically routines
poke into hd(hd(tl(e))) or some such.

Someone's generously put the source online

You can load it up into Visual Studio, and produce a genuine Windows
executable with a Haskell REPL. (Ah, silly me, of course you'd want the
familiar *nix command line -- that's even easier.)

And there's real work you could contribute to

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