[Haskell-cafe] Public floggings

Bardur Arantsson spam at scientician.net
Wed Oct 13 20:01:10 UTC 2021

On 06/10/2021 15.55, Michael Turner wrote:
>>> Aside: to this day, that sort of ad-hoc syntax makes me gag. K&R should be
>> publicly flogged on a regular basis.
> Since I'm to blame for raising the subject that turned into a thread
> about "the right exposition", I hereby surrender myself to be flogged
> in lieu of the intended. I've deserved it for years, just for how I've
> found perversely delightful ways to use the C preprocessor. Especially
> token-pasting.
> K&R (the book) was almost indecent exposure -- it left nothing to the
> imagination. As opposed to most writing on Haskell, where I'm
> befuddled because it's not at all obvious how it does its thing. It's
> like you're not /supposed/ to know. But K&R let it all hang out, and
> for that reason, I loved it. Whip me, beat me, make me write C code.
> Because that's just the kind of pervert I am. Still, sometimes.

Boost.PP says hi! :D


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