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Marcin Szamotulski profunctor at pm.me
Wed May 6 10:48:21 UTC 2020


In my team at IOHK we are using `github-actions` to compile and run tests natively on Windows. We are provisioning a windows machine using, now the official installation procedure of GHC on Windows: via chocolatey. We've been using it for some time and it works quite good for us so far.

Here's our github-action script:

Marcin Szamotulski

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On Monday, May 4, 2020 8:53 PM, Ganesh Sittampalam <ganesh at earth.li> wrote:

> On 29/04/2020 23:20, Ben Franksen wrote:

> > > It doesn't help for people who want to develop on windows, but at
> > > least releasing for windows is prettty painless this way.
> > 

> > Indeed, developing on Windows is something we'd very much like to avoid.

> As another darcs developer, I'm ambivalent about it. Windows certainly
> has its pain points but it's the native OS on my primary machine and
> developing in that OS rather than inside a VM does make many things
> simpler. But it's pretty clear no-one else wants to get too close :-)

> > But what we definitely need is to be able to run our test suite on
> > Windows; and a significant part of that are a couple hundred bash
> > scripts. If your approach could handle that, I'd be interested to know more.

> Given how slow bash scripts are on Windows, another strategy would be to
> simply rewrite them in something else, e.g. something we can directly
> interpret in Haskell. But whatever it is would still require running
> compiled code on Windows somehow.

> Cheers,

> Ganesh

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