[Haskell-cafe] ANN: latex-svg

Poscat poscat at mail.poscat.moe
Sun Mar 15 08:54:07 UTC 2020

I wrote a package a month ago with the same name and does roughly the 
same XD (https://github.com/poscat0x04/latex-svg)

Your package is definitely more polished.

On 3/6/20 8:41 PM, Oleg Grenrus wrote:
> I occasionally write blog posts with some math. So far I have been using
> latex-formulae family of packages. This week Andres Löh asked whether
> LaTeX can be rendered as SVGs.
> The answer turns out to be yes, it wasn't few years ago.
> The preview CTAN package, and the dvisvgm tool make it very easy. I
> forked latex-formulae into latex-svg to use above mentioned tools. There
> are three packages on Hackage now:
> - latex-svg-image: render LaTeX formulae to SVG images
> - latex-svg-pandoc: render LaTeX formulae in pandoc documents
> - latex-svg-hakyll: render LaTeX formulae in hakyll pages
> To mention some differences between latex-formulae and latex-svg:
> - latex-svg-image uses only latex and dvisvgm, ImageMagick is not
> required. You don't need to tweak policy.xml to allow rasterization of
> PostScript. (See this StackOverflow question).
> - latex-svg-image supports global cache (off by default), which speedups
> hakyll site builds. My blog builds in 20 seconds instead of three
> minutes with empty cache. I wouldn't worry about space usage too much,
> the cache contents take 15M after building my blog. which is way less
> than the size of site executable.
> - latex-svg-hakyll has initFormulaCompilerSVGPure variant, which doesn't
> need IO to be created. You don't need to thread renderFormulae function
> through. Together with global cache, the perfomance penalty is small.
> - One drawback is that result pages become bigger (and slower). For
> example a formula-heavy
> https://oleg.fi/gists/posts/2018-12-12-find-correct-laws.html is
>      - 576k in size with latex-formulae
>      - 2819k in size with latex-svg (almost 5 times larger).
>    Rendering SVG images is also more CPU expensive.
> Otherwise the API and module names are the same. If you are already a
> user of latex-formulae you can easily migrate to latex-svg.
> See the announcement blog post how some examples look like:
> https://oleg.fi/gists/posts/2020-03-06-latex-svg.html
> <http://oleg.fi/gists/posts/2020-03-06-latex-svg.html>
> <http://oleg.fi/gists/posts/2020-03-06-latex-svg.html>
> Crisp math-blogging to everyone
> - Oleg Grenrus
> <http://oleg.fi/gists/posts/2020-03-06-latex-svg.html>
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