[Haskell-cafe] ANN: latex-svg

Wolfgang Jeltsch wolfgang-it at jeltsch.info
Fri Mar 27 02:06:22 UTC 2020

Am Freitag, den 06.03.2020, 14:41 +0200 schrieb Oleg Grenrus:
> There are three packages on Hackage now:
> - latex-svg-image: render LaTeX formulae to SVG images
> - latex-svg-pandoc: render LaTeX formulae in pandoc documents
> - latex-svg-hakyll: render LaTeX formulae in hakyll pages

Hi, Oleg!

Thanks for this great work.

> https://oleg.fi/gists/posts/2018-12-12-find-correct-laws.html

It seems that baselines of formulas and surrounding text are aligned,
which is an important feature, which is missing from several other
solutions. However, when looking at the situation in detail, the
formulas seem to be slightly too high. Does the conversion mechanism
take baselines into account, or is the approximate alignment achieved
just by accident?

> See the announcement blog post how some examples look like:
> https://oleg.fi/gists/posts/2020-03-06-latex-svg.html
> <http://oleg.fi/gists/posts/2020-03-06-latex-svg.html>
> <http://oleg.fi/gists/posts/2020-03-06-latex-svg.html>

I see a small problem here: The example formula

    (x = y) ↔ (∀z. (z ≤ x) ↔ (z ≤ y))

has the letters y slightly cut off at the bottom, probably because they
extend some automatically computed bounding box. Could this be fixed?

All the best,

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