[Haskell-cafe] transcoding - Haskell?!

Gregory Guthrie guthrie at miu.edu
Fri Jun 12 17:33:47 UTC 2020

I think it would choke on Haskell code!
Haskell has so many language extensions and pragmas, and people use many local extensions with monads to basically create DIY DSL's - that the code becomes very dense and context specific.

Facebook's TransCoder AI Converts Code From One Programming Language Into Another
Kyle Wiggers
June 9, 2020

Facebook says its TransCoder can convert code from one high-level programming language into another. The system, which Facebook researchers describe as "a neural transcompiler," uses an unsupervised learning approach to translate between languages like C++, Java, and Python. The researchers trained TransCoder on a public GitHub corpus featuring more than 2.8 million open source repositories. To evaluate its capabilities, the researchers extracted 852 parallel functions in C++, Java, and Python from the online GeeksforGeeks platform and developed a new computational accuracy metric that tests whether hypothesis functions generate the same outputs as a reference when given the same inputs. Wrote the researchers, "TransCoder can easily be generalized to any programming language, does not require any expert knowledge, and outperforms commercial solutions by a large margin."

Dr. Gregory Guthrie
Maharishi International University

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