[Haskell-cafe] transcoding - Haskell?!

Branimir Maksimovic branimir.maksimovic at gmail.com
Fri Jun 12 17:44:01 UTC 2020

It would choke on assembler as well. Digital computer hard AI is 
impossible, because there is no

algorithm for making algorithms. Mathematicaly impossible...

Greets, Branimir.

On 6/12/20 7:33 PM, Gregory Guthrie wrote:
> I think it would choke on Haskell code!
> Haskell has so many language extensions and pragmas, and people use 
> many local extensions with monads to basically create DIY DSL’s – that 
> the code becomes very dense and context specific.
> *Facebook's TransCoder AI Converts Code From One Programming Language 
> Into Another*
> */VentureBeat/*/
> Kyle Wiggers
> June 9, 2020/
> Facebook says its TransCoder can convert code from one high-level 
> programming language into another. The system, which Facebook 
> researchers describe as “a neural transcompiler,” uses an unsupervised 
> learning approach to translate between languages like C++, Java, and 
> Python. The researchers trained TransCoder on a public GitHub corpus 
> featuring more than 2.8 million open source repositories. To evaluate 
> its capabilities, the researchers extracted 852 parallel functions in 
> C++, Java, and Python from the online GeeksforGeeks platform and 
> developed a new computational accuracy metric that tests whether 
> hypothesis functions generate the same outputs as a reference when 
> given the same inputs. Wrote the researchers, “TransCoder can easily 
> be generalized to any programming language, does not require any 
> expert knowledge, and outperforms commercial solutions by a large margin.”
> Dr. Gregory Guthrie
> Maharishi International University
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