[Haskell-cafe] emacs problem : haskell mode keeps hanging to report types, renders emacs useless

Sean Matthews seanmatthews1 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 4 21:39:55 UTC 2017

I have just reinstalled everything. Newest release of emacs, Haskell-pakage
and Haskell-mode and Haskell.
I have tried to do this as cleanly as possible (via the customise and
package install interfaces).
Now when I try to edit haskell files, the system keeps freezing to report

Nothing that I try (setting configuration variables, etc.) has any effect.

I know that there is a problem with parsing the command line with the
newest version of GHCi, but I think I can avoid that by using :load instead
of C-c C-l.  This freezing problem, however, is another level of problem.
It renders my emacs basically useless for editing haskell.

Anybody recognise the problem, and have a fix?


Sean Matthews

Sean Matthews
seanmatthews1 at gmail.com / +49 1515 800 1901
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