[Haskell-cafe] asking for feedback: "Magical Haskell" book in progress

Jose Echenique bbnjmeh at gmail.com
Sun Nov 5 01:18:37 UTC 2017

Surely my twin sons of 12 years of age understand the theory of this first
Great, thanks.

2017-11-04 7:05 GMT-04:00 J Ho <jho.xray at gmail.com>:

> Dear Haskellers,
> I've systematized my notes from the last 3 years, bit the bullet and
> started working on the visual Haskell teaching book that had been my desire
> for a long time now :) The goal is to build it on the proper math
> foundation of type and category theory to structure concepts and functional
> patterns as they apply to real world problems neatly from the start,
> without relying on imperative language experience too much, but make it
> *visual*, easy to grasp, and not *math-technically* heavy.
> Basically, I was thinking *"how do I teach Haskell to my kids?"* and *"how
> would people who learned only functional programming from school, without
> any imperative exposure, think?"* (I don't think such people exist yet
> but I sure would like to speak to those if / when they appear :) - but the
> goal is to make it accessible to, hopefully, teens with some reasonable
> math and / or programming background, and also, in the later chapters, make
> it useful to adults who better grasp concepts visually (as I do) to have a
> neat and systematized Haskell concepts building in their brain.
> Here's the direct link to the first chapter: Wizards, Types and Functions
> <https://leanpub.com/magicalhaskell/read#leanpub-auto-chapter-1-wizards-types-and-functions>
> Here's the book's page on leanpub <https://leanpub.com/magicalhaskell> that
> gets gradually updated as usual, and it will of course always stay free.
> Would very much appreciate your feedback, suggestions and thoughts! If you
> have another 7 minutes to spare and want more context, here's a more
> expanded rationale to this approach to teaching haskell - "Haskell Is Not
> Programming
> <https://superstrings.io/haskell-is-not-programming-3246779f2ef6>" - to
> which I received some very valuable feedback (and some understandable
> imperative camp critique :)) ) on reddit already, which helped me adjust
> the book itself.
> Thanks a lot!
> Best regards,
> - J.
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