[Haskell-cafe] brainstorm help

Sergiu Ivanov sivanov at colimite.fr
Thu Jan 12 23:05:55 UTC 2017

Hey Rahul,

Thus quoth  Rahul Muttineni  at 17:03 on Thu, Jan 12 2017:
> Michael didn't mention arrows on his list and eta-2048 is heavy on
> them since Yampa is arrow-based, so it may not be suited for this
> project.

Oh, I see, I didn't pay attention to those details, thanks for pointing

> You can find a console interface for 2048 here and it looks a lot
> simpler with very light dependencies: 
> https://github.com/tfausak/hs2048

Ah, that's exactly what I was thinking about!

Thanks for sharing the link, I think I'll keep it at hand for personal
use :-)

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