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Rahul Muttineni rahulmutt at gmail.com
Thu Jan 12 16:54:27 UTC 2017

Hi Joachim,

You can compile the project as a standalone .jar file that can be run via
`java -jar`. 'epm' can also generate a script that runs the 'java' command
with the full classpath set for you if you don't want to wait for the
uberjar generation which is currently a bit slow.

Hope that helps,

On Thu, Jan 12, 2017 at 7:52 PM, Joachim Durchholz <jo at durchholz.org> wrote:

> Am 12.01.2017 um 10:38 schrieb Sergiu Ivanov:
>> Shamelessly stolen from the page of Eta (Haskell on JVM):
>>   https://github.com/rahulmutt/eta-2048
>> I'm not sure how well this fits into what you want, but, supposedly, a
>> lot of fancy details can be left out, including those actually requiring
>> Java (I've no idea what exactly I'm talking about here :D)
> JavaFX is Oracle's latest GUI library. It allows styling controls via CSS
> (styling was very difficult to do well with Swing, its predecessor).
> JavaFX is available as part of the standard library since Java 8.
> So yes you'll need to have Java installed to run that thing.
> You don't have to know much about Java itself, deployment may be
> complicated though (depends on what the Eta guys did in that area).
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Rahul Muttineni
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