[Haskell-cafe] Batteries included (Was: GHC is a monopoly compiler)

MarLinn monkleyon at googlemail.com
Wed Sep 28 05:47:20 UTC 2016

On 2016-09-28 00:32, Brandon Allbery wrote:
>     Can someone please define what exactly a "batteries included"
>     standard library is?
> The complications are:
>  - libraries change quickly and dependents tend to start requiring the 
> new versions just as quickly, rendering the batteries included 
> obsolete almost immediately;
>  - in the opposite direction, some libraries that come with the 
> compiler because it uses them (notably, containers) are effectively 
> frozen because ghc-api or TH or etc. will break.

This makes me think the "batteries included" metaphor is the wrong line 
of thinking for Haskell. Our environment is more like "direct access to 
the power lines", thanks to hackage and cabal. The potential downside is 
that "powerlines at your fingertips" can lead to cases of "plug and fry 
(your brain)". But then why should the environment be dumbed down to 
low-voltage batteries when the high-voltage-network is part of what got 
it to where it is?

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