[Haskell-cafe] Haskell eXchange and related events -- Call for Participation

Bence Kodaj bence.kodaj at gmail.com
Tue Sep 13 08:22:20 UTC 2016

Hi all,

If you haven't registered yet for the Haskell eXchange, please get in touch
- I bought an early bird ticket but I cannot attend after all. I'd be happy
to sell my ticket to anybody for 80 GBP (originally it was 95 GBP + VAT).


On Friday, 9 September 2016 17:32:24 UTC+2, Andres Löh wrote:
> Hi everyone.
> As Tom Ellis has correctly pointed out in another thread, I should
> have announced the Haskell eXchange on this list. Let me do that now:
> =====================================================================
>                         Haskell eXchange 2016
>                       London,  6-7 October 2016
> =====================================================================
> The Haskell eXchange is a general Haskell conference aimed at Haskell
> enthusiasts of all skill levels. The Haskell eXchange is organized
> annually, and 2016 is its fifth year. For the second year in a row, the
> venue will be Skills Matter’s CodeNode, where we have space for three
> parallel tracks. New this year: a large number of beginner-focused
> talks. At all times, at least one track will be available with a talk
> aimed at (relative) newcomers to Haskell. Of course, there are also
> plenty of talks on more advanced topics.
> Keynote speakers:
> Don Stewart, Conor McBride, Graham Hutton, Simon Peyton Jones
> Talks and workshops (some changes may still occur) by:
> Julian Arni, Christiaan Baaij, Thomas van Binsbergen, Mathieu Boespflug,
> Lars Brünjes, Ben Clifford, Philip Cunningham, Tom Ellis, Matthias
> Fischmann, Oleg Grenrus, Nickolay Kudasov, Robert Henderson, Csaba
> Hruska, Robin Kay, Csongor Kiss, Steven Kutsch, Kris Jenkins, David
> Luposchainsky, Neil Mitchell, Andrey Mokhov, Romeo Moura, Jann Müller,
> Boldizsár Németh, Andor Penzes, Ivan Perez, Michał Płachta, Nicolas
> Pouillard, Arian van Putten, Andrzej Rybczak, Jeremy Singer, Nicolas Wu
> Homepage and registration:
> https://skillsmatter.com/conferences/7276-haskell-exchange-2016
> If you're interested in the Haskell eXchange, you might also be
> interested in the Haskell eXchange Haskell Hackathon and/or in the
> Haskell courses (2-day introductory, 1-day on types, 2-day on
> performance) offered by Well-Typed on the surrounding days. More info
> here: http://www.well-typed.com/blog/125/
> Cheers,
>   Andres
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