[Haskell-cafe] ANN: qtah-0.1.0

Bryan Gardiner bog at khumba.net
Mon Jul 11 02:55:57 UTC 2016

Hello all,

I'm happy to announce the first Hackage-ready release of Qtah, Qt bindings for
Haskell.  I announced Qtah earlier this year, but a lot of work was needed to
get it to the point where you can just "cabal install" it.  That work has now
been done, so I invite you to install qtah-qt5 or qtah-examples[1] (currently
just the Qt notepad example), and check out:



As a small demonstration, I have a good portion of Goatee ported (board
rendering clearly missing):


However, there is still lots of the Qt API left to cover.

Thanks to ezyang for help working with some Cabal internals.


[1] cabal install --enable-executable-dynamic qtah-examples
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