[Haskell-cafe] many haskell's mails are detected as spam on gmail

John Wiegley johnw at newartisans.com
Mon Dec 26 07:40:03 UTC 2016

>>>>> "VD" == Viktor Dukhovni <ietf-dane at dukhovni.org> writes:

VD> If leaving the message unmolested is deemed no acceptable, then the
VD> "mailman" list manager provides a number of alternative DMARC work-arounds
VD> that mangle the message "From" field in various ways. Consult the mailman
VD> docs.

We recently enabled these workarounds (I think about 6 months ago?) in
response to others telling us that mail wasn't being delivered.  I think
Gershom remembers doing this.  Apparently, it's not enough of a solution.

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