[Haskell-cafe] Best deployment method for Hakyll websites (with Stack)?

Emanuel Borsboom manny at fpcomplete.com
Thu Sep 10 15:34:28 UTC 2015

Also, how about the integration with docker? Is it really so painless as
>> it is advertised? If I’ve understood correctly, I could install the
>> docker image with stackage packages already installed, and tell stack
>> to use that image with docker, having the site compilation sandboxed.
>> Is it feasible?
> The compilation is sandboxed, but ~/.stack is still used for things like
default configuration and the build plan cache, and <project>/.stack-work
is still used for build artifacts. Otherwise, every build would have to
start completely from scratch (since each stack build creates a new

If you need complete isolation from anything on the host OS, you’re better
off running stack from within a Docker container you create yourself
(using docker
run). You can still use the images we publish
<https://hub.docker.com/u/fpco/>, you just wouldn’t be using setting docker:
true in your stack.yaml.
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