[Haskell-cafe] Enforcing data structures invariant in the type system

Oliver Charles ollie at ocharles.org.uk
Mon Mar 30 17:17:35 UTC 2015

You're in the right ballpark that's for sure - and your experience with
hard-to-decode error messages is not a new one either! Haskell is somewhat
"experiemental" in this domain, as its only now starting to learn the
features necessary to do what you want to do.

I think some of the best work to learn the latest techniques is described
here: https://github.com/jstolarek/dep-typed-wbl-heaps-hs

-- ocharles

On Mon, Mar 30, 2015 at 6:00 PM, Nicola Gigante <nicola.gigante at gmail.com>

> Hi all.
> I’m very interested in what can be done with Haskell’s type system
> regarding
> the enforcing of algorithms and data structures invariants.
> For example, I remember I saw a paper about an implementation of a
> red-black
> tree in Haskell where the types guaranteed the invariant about the
> alternation of
> rad and black nodes.
> I would like to learn those techniques, in particular the use of language
> features that
> enable this kind of things and then how to do them in practice.
> In the past tried hacking something with GADTs and Data Kinds but I've
> always
> got stuck with GHC errors that I could not understand, so I think I’m
> missing something.
> Where could I start from? Are there simple walk-through examples and/or
> fundational
> material? For example is it possible to write a sorting function that
> guarantees in the types
> that the output is sorted? I don’t need this specific example but you got
> the point.
> Thank you very much,
> Nicola
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