[Haskell-cafe] Blog platform written in Haskell

Toby Goodwin toby at paccrat.org
Tue Jun 2 16:37:37 UTC 2015

There seems to be considerable interest in this.

I personally (and I suspect many others here!) have implemented several
websites using either Hakyll or custom Yesod code. In most of those
cases, something like WordPress or Drupal would have done the job. But
working for a web hosting company, I spend more time than I would like
clearing up the mess created by pwned PHP sites.

A few times I've dreamed of building a "better CMS" in Haskell. It's not
a project for a lone hacker. But if a few of us got together, I think we
could make something wonderful.

Interested? Join my new mailing list and prepare to take on the world!

  haskell-cms at googlegroups.com


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