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?I wonder if some of these nitpicks could actually be solved by splitting "prelude" out as a separate module. Packages could then begin depending on a certain version [range] of prelude (apart from base/GHC version). That could allow breaking changes to prelude without breaking code (all hail the PVP!).


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Dear William,

thank you for setting up this wiki page. Here is another benefit of having it: it can be referenced in beginner's introductions to Haskell to help newcomers to distinguish between subtleties and known quirks, to reduce overall confusion.  It would have helped me in any case.

I would like to add here another nitpick that was mentioned in the aforementioned discussion: `:` and `::` in Haskell are "backwards" :).


On Thursday, August 20, 2015 at 7:30:37 AM UTC+2, William Yager wrote:
Hello all,

Inspired by the recent thread re. modifying data/type/newtype syntax, I've made a wiki article dedicated to Haskell-related nitpicks. I've added a few entries; one from the thread I just mentioned, and a classic from way back in the 90s (map vs fmap).


Hopefully, this page will help us keep track of what people are annoyed about (especially people who aren't already inured to the quirks of Haskell) as well as give us inspiration for future proposals.

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