[Haskell-cafe] Typed communications in (Safe) Haskell

Giacomo Tesio giacomo at tesio.it
Tue Dec 9 11:30:23 UTC 2014

Hi, I'm Giacomo and I'm new to this list.

I'm looking for advices to develop an haskell p2p system where the nodes
comunicate over an untrusted channel (the internet). I'd like to use TLS to
authenticate each node with each other.

I'm wondering if exists any library/framework that already suits my needs:

   1. Enable typed communications (make it easy to go from ByteString to
   our ADT for messages)
   2. Support TLS
   3. Is written in plain (possibly Safe) Haskell, because I plan to make
   it runnable on HaLVM/HaLNS (in the long run)
   4. Acceptably easy to use since most of nodes will simply receive
   messages, run a simple (often pure) function on them and return a response
   to the caller

I've seen a lot of interesting libraries on hackage (courier, daemons and
more...) but AFAIK none support TLS.

Any suggestion?


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