[Haskell-cafe] [ANN] codex - generate tags file from dependencies

Christian Marie christian at ponies.io
Fri Apr 25 01:37:16 UTC 2014

On Thu, Apr 24, 2014 at 11:54:29PM +0100, Alois Cochard wrote:
> Hi,
> Just to let you know that I released a tool which allow to generate a
> tags[1] file for a given cabal project using the sources of all the
> dependencies of that project.
> `cabal install codex`

Slight issue with base 4.6 installed:

	$ cabal install --reinstall codex
	Resolving dependencies...
	cabal: Could not resolve dependencies:
	trying: codex- (user goal)
	next goal: base (dependency of codex-
	rejecting: base- (conflict: codex => base>=4.7 &&
It does install fine with the .cabal patched to accept:

	base >=4.6 && <4.8

> You can simply run `codex update` in one of your cabal project directory
> and you'll get a 'codex.tags' file to feed in your favorite text editors.
> It store the source code in the hackage local cache, and it store there as
> well the tags file per module (so the tool just aggregate per project).
> I hope it will be useful to other hackers, it's a joy for me in vim when
> using unknown libraries.
> Note: This tool actually use `ctags` but that could be easily made
> configurable if someone need it, integrating native haskell tagger is an
> option too. I personally like using ctags, it's very fast.

After generating a tags file with 'codex update', I have a bunch of references
to .c and .h files. I can't see ctags being particularly useful for cabal
projects but perhaps I'm missing something?

I would personally use your tool if it were to provide an aggregate of tag
files generated by something like hothasktags.

Christian Marie - Sparkly Code Princess
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