[Haskell-cafe] good lightweight web-framework like sinatra?

Vo Minh Thu noteed at gmail.com
Wed Mar 21 09:17:29 CET 2012

Le 21 mars 2012 03:45, serialhex <serialhex at gmail.com> a écrit :
> i'm looking for something lightweight, that dosnt need it's own
> server, can easily run on cgi on an apache with minimal work, and
> dosn't have many dependancies. i was looking at yesod, but it is
> bigger than i need for my site (at this point) and would take too much
> work to get running on my webhost.  though i am looking forward to
> learning it and using it in the future, i just need something that
> will play nicely with apache & cgi...
> justin
> p.s. if anyone is interested to know i'm using nearlyfreespeach.net as
> my host...  haskell is one of the many languages they support via cgi,
> but, at the moment, it is kind of difficult to get yesod or rails or
> the like to work on it... :-/


It is unclear what you are looking for. You want a lightweight
framework but what kind of features do you want? You can go straight
CGI (an example is given here
But this is obviously not a framework.

By the way, this is the way I got some CGI program to run on


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