[Haskell-cafe] good lightweight web-framework like sinatra?

serialhex serialhex at gmail.com
Wed Mar 21 03:45:40 CET 2012

i'm looking for something lightweight, that dosnt need it's own
server, can easily run on cgi on an apache with minimal work, and
dosn't have many dependancies. i was looking at yesod, but it is
bigger than i need for my site (at this point) and would take too much
work to get running on my webhost.  though i am looking forward to
learning it and using it in the future, i just need something that
will play nicely with apache & cgi...


p.s. if anyone is interested to know i'm using nearlyfreespeach.net as
my host...  haskell is one of the many languages they support via cgi,
but, at the moment, it is kind of difficult to get yesod or rails or
the like to work on it... :-/

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