[Haskell-cafe] YesodAuth documentation

Michael Snoyman michael at snoyman.com
Tue Jun 14 17:33:37 CEST 2011

2011/6/14 Michael Steele <mikesteele81 at gmail.com>:
>>Actually, that's not entirely accurate. The Yesod scaffolding tool
>>generates a site that uses mime-mail and sendmail, but there's nothing
>>inherent in yesod-auth requiring either.
> My apologies for adding to the confusion. I see now that
> Yesod.Auth.Email handles database interactions, generates
> verify URLs for new accounts to use, and provides forms to
> embed in HTML. It doesn't actually create email messages or
> handle any kind of email delivery.
> I saw the mime-mail dependency, and then forgot
> where I had seen Network.Mail.Mime.renderSendMail actually
> being called.
>>> The stock email plugin does not let you disable these features, but it
>>> should be easy to write your own.
>>You could just copy the email module from yesod-auth and make the
>>modifications there. Or even better if you're so inclined: submit a
>>patch to make these features optional. If you are so inclined, feel
>>free to contact me for some guidance.
> My understanding is that none of the plugins included in
> yesod-auth are magic in any way. New ones can be created
> outside of the official package as long as their associated
> AuthPlugin has a Text value unique among any others being
> used. Is this all correct?

Yes, that's completely accurate.


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