[Haskell-cafe] YesodAuth documentation

Michael Steele mikesteele81 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 14 06:36:33 CEST 2011

>Actually, that's not entirely accurate. The Yesod scaffolding tool
>generates a site that uses mime-mail and sendmail, but there's nothing
>inherent in yesod-auth requiring either.

My apologies for adding to the confusion. I see now that
Yesod.Auth.Email handles database interactions, generates
verify URLs for new accounts to use, and provides forms to
embed in HTML. It doesn't actually create email messages or
handle any kind of email delivery.

I saw the mime-mail dependency, and then forgot
where I had seen Network.Mail.Mime.renderSendMail actually
being called.

>> The stock email plugin does not let you disable these features, but it
>> should be easy to write your own.
>You could just copy the email module from yesod-auth and make the
>modifications there. Or even better if you're so inclined: submit a
>patch to make these features optional. If you are so inclined, feel
>free to contact me for some guidance.

My understanding is that none of the plugins included in
yesod-auth are magic in any way. New ones can be created
outside of the official package as long as their associated
AuthPlugin has a Text value unique among any others being
used. Is this all correct?
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