[Haskell-cafe] Haskell for children? Any experience?

Mark Lentczner markl at glyphic.com
Fri Jan 28 17:13:16 CET 2011

I think this is a wonderful idea! Fer land sakes, I remember when kids were taught BASIC or Fortran! I think Haskell will be a great improvement.

Now, how'z'bout web sites? Kids love web sites, yes? I've been working on a small project, in quiet mode, to develop an "all in the web browser" development environment and tutorial on programming in Haskell with web programming as the main focus.

So far the development environment part is up and running: you start like this:
	> barley start playground
	...project created....
	Running on http://localhost:8080/
Now you browse to that URL and you have a Haskell development environment in the web page. Edit Haskell modules, and click save... bang! compiled with either in-line error messages, or if it runs, with a web page preview output. It's a lot of fun, actually.

Here's the catch: The project isn't even at 0.1 yet: The above works, but there are some missing features from the development environment, and, most importantly, there is only the barest wisp of a tutorial yet. BUT - you aren't starting until next year, so help us write the tutorial!

The project is, for now, here:
But will be moving to code.google.com in a few weeks.

	- Mark

Mark Lentczner
mark at glyphic.com

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