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Mon Mar 1 02:57:01 EST 2010

you could have a look at these ...

bjpop-ray - search on web
hray - http://users.elis.ugent.be/~kehoste/Haskell/HRay/

> Hello cafe,
> While I was studying for my computer graphics test I have tomorrow I 
> realized that maybe some of the major problems I've read so far about 
> Radiosity Rendering Algorithms may be reduced significantly if it was 
> implemented in Haskell and taking advantage of the lazy evaluation so 
> that only what can be seen from the viewer's perspective point of view 
> is calculated, and the rest of the scene just remains as thunks waiting 
> for them to be calculated in case they are needed.
> I guess that probably most of the people on this list doesn't really 
> work on the computer graphics area, but if anybody out there actually 
> does I'd really like if he or she could explain me more of why what I'm 
> saying could be really useful and what has already been done (or why I'm 
> so lost that I'm probably gonna fail my exam tomorrow hahaha)...
> One of the things I'm studying is the Monte Carlo Radiosity Methods 
> which takes advantages of non-determinism to create stochastic 
> algorithms, I guess this is more difficult to implement in Haskell, 
> please if you know any of this Monte Carlo Methods for Radiosity 
> Algorithms share that knowledge with me (and the list).
> Thank you,
> Hector Guilarte
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