[Haskell-cafe] Computer Graphics and Haskell - Radiosity Methods

Serguey Zefirov sergueyz at gmail.com
Mon Mar 1 06:17:34 EST 2010

2010/3/1 Hector Guilarte <hectorg87 at gmail.com>:
> Hello cafe,
> While I was studying for my computer graphics test I have tomorrow I
> realized that maybe some of the major problems I've read so far about
> Radiosity Rendering Algorithms may be reduced significantly if it was
> implemented in Haskell and taking advantage of the lazy evaluation so that
> only what can be seen from the viewer's perspective point of view is
> calculated, and the rest of the scene just remains as thunks waiting for
> them to be calculated in case they are needed.

I don't think that you really can get away without calculating those
out-of-view parts of scene. But you certainly can make rendering
slightly easier (or not) by using infinite scene subdivision trees and
walk them lazily.

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