[Haskell-cafe] Computer Graphics and Haskell - Radiosity Methods

Hector Guilarte hectorg87 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 1 01:14:12 EST 2010

Hello cafe,

While I was studying for my computer graphics test I have tomorrow I
realized that maybe some of the major problems I've read so far about
Radiosity Rendering Algorithms may be reduced significantly if it was
implemented in Haskell and taking advantage of the lazy evaluation so that
only what can be seen from the viewer's perspective point of view is
calculated, and the rest of the scene just remains as thunks waiting for
them to be calculated in case they are needed.

I guess that probably most of the people on this list doesn't really work on
the computer graphics area, but if anybody out there actually does I'd
really like if he or she could explain me more of why what I'm saying could
be really useful and what has already been done (or why I'm so lost that I'm
probably gonna fail my exam tomorrow hahaha)...

One of the things I'm studying is the Monte Carlo Radiosity Methods which
takes advantages of non-determinism to create stochastic algorithms, I guess
this is more difficult to implement in Haskell, please if you know any of
this Monte Carlo Methods for Radiosity Algorithms share that knowledge with
me (and the list).

Thank you,

Hector Guilarte
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