[Haskell-cafe] The state of Hackage: what are we doing about it?

Bas van Dijk v.dijk.bas at gmail.com
Wed Jun 2 10:00:40 EDT 2010

On Wed, Jun 2, 2010 at 2:20 PM, Uwe Schmidt <si at fh-wedel.de> wrote:
> For ranking the results for a package search, a download statistic could be
> very useful and could easily be integrated. If such a statistic would be
> available in machine readable format (csv, xml, plain text, ...), we could
> integrate that.

Ordering by nr of direct/indirect reverse dependencies might also be useful.

We could add a .csv file version of the main reverse dependency page
which you can index easily:

We should probably compress the .csv file to reduce some network
bandwidth. Although that's not really a problem for us because we're
on a high bandwidth link.

Note that .csv files are already provided for individual packages.
Here's the one for the latest network for example:

package name-version,
nr of direct rev. deps.,
nr of indirect rev. deps.,
'D' for Direct rev. dep. and 'I' for Indirect rev. dep..



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