[Haskell-cafe] The state of Hackage: what are we doing about it?

Uwe Schmidt si at fh-wedel.de
Wed Jun 2 10:35:42 EDT 2010

Bas wrote:

> Ordering by nr of direct/indirect reverse dependencies might also be
> useful.

this is already done. After indexing the cabal pages, the dependencies are all 
known and a package rank is derived from that graph. That is also used in the 
(new) function search, functions in base (and bytestring) then really get a 
high rank.

> We could add a .csv file version of the main reverse dependency page
> which you can index easily:
> http://bifunctor.homelinux.net/~roel/hackage/packages/archive/revdeps-list.

not really needed, see above. More interesting for package search is a
popularity statistics.

Thanks for your hint,


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