[Haskell-cafe] Hackage Package version ranges

Ivan Lazar Miljenovic ivan.miljenovic at gmail.com
Tue Feb 2 20:13:47 EST 2010

Neil Mitchell <ndmitchell at gmail.com> writes:
> However, every time I use (1) some distro (usually Arch) emails me to
> say they need wider ranges so they can get all their packages
> consistent.

Well, in Gentoo we normally resort to using sed to fix these kinds of
things.  If we can do it, I'm sure the Arch package managers are able to
do so.

It might be more annoying, but IMHO it's a bigger problem when a
developer is too lax in constraints (since then we've got to tweak the
constraints until we find ones that _do_ work).

Ivan Lazar Miljenovic
Ivan.Miljenovic at gmail.com

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