[Haskell-cafe] Market Place for Haskell development teams?

Robert Wills wrwills at gmail.com
Wed Sep 30 10:54:55 EDT 2009

fwiw I found it difficult getting a Haskell installation onto Windows.  
Packages that would 'cabal install' just fine on Linux were much more of 
a pain on Windows.  Eventually, I actually found it easiest to cross 
compile to Windows using wine:

 wine HaskellPlatform-2009.2.0.2-setup.exe
 wine cabal
 wine cabal install yst

The resulting yst.exe seems to work fine on actual Windows machines.  
Quite cool I thought as I prefer to stay in Linux, but if you're 
starting from a Windows based development environment, Haskell does seem 


John A. De Goes wrote:
> The cross-platform features have been extremely important to the 
> success of Java, because they have greatly expanded the number of 
> libraries available to developers.
> On Haskell Cafe, not a week goes by that Windows (and sometimes Mac) 
> developers don't complain about not being able to use some Hackage 
> library because of cross-platform issues. The actual number of people 
> encountering these issues is orders of magnitude larger than the 
> number of posts you see here. These issues impede the growth of 
> Haskell significantly.
> Moreover, the importance of cross-platform libraries on the Java 
> platform is evinced by the fact that developers of major native 
> libraries _always_ make their libraries cross-platform (Jogl, 
> jmonkeyengine, swt, etc.). They wouldn't go to this trouble if it 
> weren't something the community was demanding.
> From a risk management perspective, a manager really likes the ability 
> to seamlessly move across platforms and architectures without 
> recompilation. 32 -> 64? No problem. Linux -> BSD? Sure, why not? Yes, 
> I'm sure even Amazon, Yahoo, and Google make these kinds of 
> considerations.
> Regards,
> John A. De Goes
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> On Sep 30, 2009, at 5:28 AM, Alberto G. Corona wrote:
>> Nobody consider the runtime download of Java code important nowadays. 
>> Not even the cross-platform features. but it was marketeed at his 
>> time as such.
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