[Haskell-cafe] Market Place for Haskell development teams?

John A. De Goes john at n-brain.net
Wed Sep 30 09:16:02 EDT 2009

The cross-platform features have been extremely important to the  
success of Java, because they have greatly expanded the number of  
libraries available to developers.

On Haskell Cafe, not a week goes by that Windows (and sometimes Mac)  
developers don't complain about not being able to use some Hackage  
library because of cross-platform issues. The actual number of people  
encountering these issues is orders of magnitude larger than the  
number of posts you see here. These issues impede the growth of  
Haskell significantly.

Moreover, the importance of cross-platform libraries on the Java  
platform is evinced by the fact that developers of major native  
libraries _always_ make their libraries cross-platform (Jogl,  
jmonkeyengine, swt, etc.). They wouldn't go to this trouble if it  
weren't something the community was demanding.

 From a risk management perspective, a manager really likes the  
ability to seamlessly move across platforms and architectures without  
recompilation. 32 -> 64? No problem. Linux -> BSD? Sure, why not? Yes,  
I'm sure even Amazon, Yahoo, and Google make these kinds of  


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On Sep 30, 2009, at 5:28 AM, Alberto G. Corona wrote:

> Nobody consider the runtime download of Java code important  
> nowadays. Not even the cross-platform features. but it was marketeed  
> at his time as such.

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