[Haskell-cafe] Processing EXIF data with Haskell

Colin Paul Adams colin at colina.demon.co.uk
Sun Sep 27 12:37:29 EDT 2009

>>>>> "Don" == Don Stewart <dons at galois.com> writes:

    Don> colin:
    >> I'm writing web software for a photograph gallery. I want to be
    >> able to display selective fields from the EXIF data. I thought
    >> I would be able to use the GD and exif libraries from Hackage
    >> to do this. However:
    >> Calling Graphics.GD.loadJpegByteString followed by
    >> Graphics.GD.saveJpegFile does not preserve the EXIF fields of
    >> the uploaded file, but instead writes some new ones (many fewer
    >> fields than the original, and nothing of interest).
    >> Graphics.Exif.allTags shows an interesting subset of the
    >> original EXIF data, but nothing from the version saved by GD.
    >> Can anyone shed any light on any of this?

    Don> Contact the author, patch the library?

I tried the former - no answer yet. Maybe just waiting a little will
As for the latter, it's just a binding to a C library.
Colin Adams
Preston Lancashire

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