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Haskell Weekly News
Issue 134 - October 03, 2009
   Welcome to issue 134 of HWN, a newsletter covering developments in the
   [1]Haskell community.

   I have a nasty sinus infection this week, so we're somewhat light on
   content. Lots of good discussion about DSL related stuff this week.
   Bryan O'Sullivan also release 'Criterion' this week, a new benchmarking
   library that Don Stewart described (on reddit) as 'awesome and game
   changing.' A new TMR editor -- someone familiar -- was announced. Also,
   there was some talk about homework policies on the mailinglists and in
   the irc channels. There is a [2]page on the Haskell wiki about this,
   but to sum it up in a maxim, remember, 'Help, don't do'. Until next
   week, the Haskell Weekly News!


   New TMR editor. Wouter Swierstra [3]announced that he would be stepping
   down from the editorship of 'The Monad Reader', with former HWN editor
   Brent Yorgey taking his place. Much thanks for Wouter's hard work and
   good luck to Brent on his new editor job!

   SourceGraph 0.5.{0,1,2}.0. Ivan Lazar Miljenovic [4]announced three new
   releases of the SourceGraph packages, this links to the latest release.

   json-b-0.0.4. Jason Dusek [5]announced a new version of the json-b
   package, which fixes defective handling of empty objects and arrays.

   rss2irc 0.4 released. Simon Michael [6]announced a new release of
   rss2irc, with many new improvements and features.

   vty-ui 0.1. Jonathan Daugherty [7]announced vty-ui, which is an
   extensible library of user interface widgets for composing and laying
   out Vty user interfaces.

   atom-0.1.1. Tom Hawkins [8]announced Atom, a Haskell DSL for designing
   hard real-time embedded applications.

   Graphalyze- Ivan Lazar Miljenovic [9]announced (in an apparent
   effort to take over hackage by submitting dozens of quality packages at
   absurdly high speed), Graphalyze, a library for using graph-theoretic
   techniques to analyse the relationships inherent within discrete data.

   Criterion. Bryan O'Sullivan [10]announced (without tacking on an 'ANN'
   tag, I might add, I almost missed it!) Criterion, a benchmarking
   library he describes [11]here.

   ListTree 0.1. yairchu at gmail.com [12]announced ListTree, a package for
   combinatorial search and pruning of trees.

   usb-0.1. Bas van Dijk [13]announced a library for interacting with usb
   modules from userspace.

   (Deadline extended to October 5th) APLAS 2009 Call for Posters.
   Kiminori Matsuzaki [14]announced a deadline extension to the call for
   posters for the APLAS conference.

   graphviz-2999.6.0.0. Ivan Lazar Miljenovic [15]announced a new version
   of the graphviz library, which features various new features and small


   Testing polymorphic properties with QuickCheck. Jean-Philippe Bernardy
   [16]gave an excellent overview about how to use QuickCheck to test
   polymorphic properties.

   Designing a DSL? Gunther Schmidt [17]asked about different methods
   employed for designing a DSL.

   DSL and GUI Toolkits. Gunther Schmidt [18]also asked about different
   DSLs for working with GUIs

   error on "--++ bla bla bla". Hong Yang [19]asked about why '--++'
   wasn't being parsed in the way he thought it was.

   Haskell for Physicists. edgar [20]requested name suggestions for the
   talk he is giving about Physics and Haskell.

Blog noise

   [21]Haskell news from the [22]blogosphere. Blog posts from people new
   to the Haskell community are marked with >>>, be sure to welcome them!
     * Sean Leather: [23]'Extensibility and type safety in formatting: the
       design of xformat' at the Dutch HUG.
     * Martijn van Steenbergen: [24]let 5 = 6.
     * Lee Pike: [25]Writer's unblock.
     * Manuel M T Chakravarty: [26]NVIDIAs next generation GPU
       architecture has a lot for HPC to love.
     * David Amos: [27]Finite geometries, part 4: Lines in PG(n,Fq).
     * Bryan O'Sullivan: [28]New criterion release works on Macs.
     * Neil Brown: [29]Poison: Concurrent Termination.
     * The GHC Team: [30]Heads up: what you need to know about Unicode I/O
       in GHC 6.12.1.
     * Galois, Inc: [31]Tech Talk: Roll Your Own Test Bed for Embedded
       Real-Time Protocols: A Haskell Experience.
     * Bryan O'Sullivan: [32]Criterion, a new benchmarking library for
     * Tom Schrijvers: [33]Monadic Constraint Programming.
     * Neil Brown: [34]Growing Sort Pump.

Quotes of the Week

     * dekudekuplex: (Unfortunately (unless intentional)) the preceding
       (by ksf (in the 'Quotes of the Week' section)) quote had mismatched
       (one too many opening) parentheses (although it was still funny
       (even though it could have been edited (to make the parentheses
       match (even though that is not an important issue)))).
     * pozic: I think if you want to contact dons, you have to say that
       you found a bug in ByteString.
     * Veinor: [about dibblego kicking a whole bunch of spammers]
       crouching dibblego, hidden op
     * allbery_b: [on UndecidableInstances] 'this exceeds my easy
       threshold, turn on wizard mode' (at which point it becomes a lot
       smarter but may start contemplating its navel without warning)
     * byorgey: a bus error? try recompiling with -fsubway, perhaps
     * jafet: 'Zygomorphism' sounds like a reproductive disorder

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