[Haskell-cafe] Re: Haskell Platform on Ubuntu

Don Stewart dons at galois.com
Wed Jul 8 19:34:47 EDT 2009

> Joachim Breitner wrote:
> > looking at
> > http://debian.glondu.net/monitor/ocaml/ocaml_transition_monitor.html I
> > get the impression that the Ocaml guys need to re-build everything when
> > a new Ocaml library
> I assume you mean compiler there?
> > comes out, but not when just a dependency was upgraded. Is that right?
> I'm not really sure about that.
> Ocaml libraries seem (warning, generalizations follow) seem to be fewer
> in number that Haskell but be more comprehensive. Haskell has far more
> small libraries and as a result, Haskell projects often have much deeper
> and wider dependency trees than similar Ocaml projects.

The difference is cabal-install: automated dependency resolving makes
for more packages.

> > If it is so, we have an excuse due to our
> > slightly more complicated procedure.
> Yes, I agree that the Haskell problem is a more difficult example
> of the same problems the Ocaml maintainers face. There may also be
> parts which the Ocaml maintainers don't have to face at all, but
> in general, the Haskell problem is similar to the Ocaml one.
> > Also, how do they get it in 24 – don’t they have to wait, for each level
> > in the dependency tree, for the former level to have been built on a
> > buildd, upload signed by a buildd admin and them moved to the archive
> > with the next mirror push?

Also, the Haskell libs are updating more frequently (more of them, and
more updates).

We're averaging 10 updates a day atm:


-- Don

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