[Haskell-cafe] Looking for Haskellers on Windows

John Goerzen jgoerzen at complete.org
Sat Jan 10 12:12:32 EST 2009

Günther Schmidt wrote:
> Hi Kyra,
> and again, thanks for taking the effort.
> Kyra I've tried any sort of values to any sort of columns. I tried "insert  
> into somesinglecolumntable (someNumbercolumn) values (?)" [toSql 5] ...  
> and so on.
> So I'm not certain at all the error message does actually give the right  
> clue.
> It just blows no matter what.
> What does work though is this:
> 	run dbc "insert into sometable (someVarcharcolumn) values ('some string  
> value')" []

It is probably good to avoid this.  HDBC does not provide SQL string
escaping functions because it is designed around the model of the
replacable parameters, which are more secure and more performant.  You
will have to be very careful to sanitize input if you do take this approach.

As to the larger question, there are quite a few Windows Haskell users
out there.  Some well-known Haskell personalities work for a division of
Microsoft, even.

I am not sure that there are all that many people talking to Access
databases via ODBC to start with, though, but of course if anybody has a
patch to contribute, I'd be happy to apply it.

-- John

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