[Haskell-cafe] UPDATE: haskellmode for Vim now at projects.haskell.org (+screencast; -)

Matthijs Kooijman matthijs at stdin.nl
Tue Apr 7 09:41:44 EDT 2009

Hi Claus,

I've found two more little bugs. The first is that version comparison is
incorrect. It now requires that all components are greater, so comparing
6.10.1 >= 6.8.2 returns false (since 1 < 2).

Also, there is a "ghc-pkg field * haddock-html" call, but here the * will be
expanded by the shell into the files in the current directory. To prevent
this, the * should be escaped.

Both of these are fixed in the attached patch.

I'm also looking at the Qualify() function, which allows you to select a
qualification using tab completion. However, when there is only a single
choice, its a bit silly to have to use tabcompletion. At the very least, the
value should be prefilled, but ideally the qualification should just happen.

Also, I think that a dropdown menu is also available in text mode vim (at
least with vim7), which would be nice for multiple choices (since you can see
all choices in one glance).

I'll have a look at these things as well, expect another patch :-)


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