[Haskell-cafe] UPDATE: haskellmode for Vim now atprojects.haskell.org (+screencast; -)

Claus Reinke claus.reinke at talk21.com
Tue Apr 7 10:09:08 EDT 2009


thanks for the reports, and analyses and suggested patches are even
better! We should probably take this offlist at some point, though.

>I've found two more little bugs. The first is that version comparison is
>incorrect. It now requires that all components are greater, so comparing
>6.10.1 >= 6.8.2 returns false (since 1 < 2).

quite right! will fix.

>Also, there is a "ghc-pkg field * haddock-html" call, but here the * will be
>expanded by the shell into the files in the current directory. To prevent
>this, the * should be escaped.

there is a comment in there suggesting that escaping was the wrong thing
to do on some configurations/platforms (obviously, the current code works
on my platform, so I depend on reports from users on other platforms), 
but I can't recall what the issue was at the moment. Will have to check,
and implement a platform-specific solution, if necessary.

>I'm also looking at the Qualify() function, which allows you to select a
>qualification using tab completion. However, when there is only a single
>choice, its a bit silly to have to use tabcompletion. At the very least, the
>value should be prefilled, but ideally the qualification should just happen.

Yes, that has been requested before, at least as an option (see the file
haskellmode-files.txt for other open issues and change log). But it should
be done consistently for all menus (all functions, and both GUI and
terminal mode).

>Also, I think that a dropdown menu is also available in text mode vim (at
>least with vim7), which would be nice for multiple choices (since you can 
>see all choices in one glance).

There is a note on using :emenu instead of the old home-brewn
haskellmode-files.txt menu code. I would generally want to clean 
up the script code (some of which is very old), and factor out the 
handling of menus into a single place before making these changes.

>I'll have a look at these things as well, expect another patch :-)

Looking forward to it!-)

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