[Haskell-cafe] Searching for ADT patterns with elem and find

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Thanks Neil,

Great. I hadn't noticed "isJust", and I'd forgotten "any". Actually I was browsing Prelude just the other day and picked up "zipWith f as bs" as a replacement for "map f $ zip as bs".

Cheers, Paul

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Hi Paul,
maybe False (\x -> True) (find isTypeB ts)

This can be more neatly expressed as:
isJust (find isTypeB ts)
But your entire thing can be expressed as:
containsTypeB ts = any isTypeB ts
I recommend reading through the Prelude interface and the List
interface, it has many useful functions that will help.


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	Hi All,
	If I have an ADT, say
	data T
	 = A String Integer
	 | B Double
	 | C
	and I want to find if a list (ts) of type T contains an element
of subtype "B Double", must my "containsTypeX" function use a second
"isTypeX" function as follows:
	isTypeB :: T -> Bool
	isTypeB (B _) = True
	isTypeB _     = False
	containsTypeB :: [T] -> Bool
	containsTypeB ts = maybe False (\x -> True) (find isTypeB ts)
	I understand that while something like "find C ts" will work,
"find (isTypeB _) ts" will not, but is there no such thing as a pattern
combinator(?), or lambda that could help with this situation. I find I
have many individual "isTypeB" functions now.

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