[Haskell-cafe] Damnit, we need a CPAN.

Wolfgang Jeltsch g9ks157k at acme.softbase.org
Fri May 30 12:34:16 EDT 2008

Am Donnerstag, 29. Mai 2008 17:38 schrieb Achim Schneider:
> […]

> Rationale: We need […] grapefruit authors that commit to hackage

Our reason to not commtting Grapefruit to Hackage so far was that this would 
mean making an official release and we thought that Grapefruit is not yet 
ready for this.  However, I might be wrong in the sense that also despite its 
current deficiencies, Grapefruit should be available from Hackage.  What do 
you think?

By the way, it’s nice to hear that there are people which are really 
interested in trying Grapefruit out.  It still makes me wonder at times that 
I’ve made something that other people find really useful.  (Of course, I’ve 
not done Grapefruit alone but Matthias Reisner has also done a notable amount 
of work.)  So I would really like to get feedback concerning peoples 
impressions about Grapefruit.  Seeing interest in Grapefruit might give me 
more motivation for the work on it and therefore speed up its development.

> […]

> Anyway, three hours after wanting to try it out, grapefruit is up and
> running, and I did not even have to install its dependencies by hand. It
> seems like grapefruit could benefit from nestable cabal packages,
> though: It has one big script that installs many packages. You could
> also call them dependencies.

You could create a basically empty package named “grapefruit” which just 
depends on all Grapefruit packages.  Debian uses this concept for its 

> […]

Best wishes,

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