[Haskell-cafe] Access to Oracle database from Haskell

Alistair Bayley alistair at abayley.org
Wed Jun 25 06:07:49 EDT 2008

> I'll have to change the way that Setup.hs tries to find $ORACLE_HOME.
> Using getEnv would be a much better idea. I don't recall why I didn't
> use it before; perhaps it's not always set on Windows installations.

Try this version of configOracle in Setup.hs:

configOracle verbose buildtools = do
  if not (sqlplusProgram `isElem` buildtools)
    then return Nothing
    else do
      path <- getEnv "ORACLE_HOME"
      info verbose ("Using Oracle: " ++ path)
      makeConfig path libDir "oci/include"
    where libDir = if isWindows then "bin" else "lib"

You'll also need to add this import:

import System.Environment (getEnv)

I always used to get the "Using..." messages, but now it seems I need to say:
  $ setup configure -v -foracle


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