[Haskell-cafe] Access to Oracle database from Haskell

Bayley, Alistair Alistair.Bayley at invesco.com
Wed Jun 25 05:24:14 EDT 2008

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> Henning Thielemann
> I don't get an error. sqlplus is in $ORACLE_HOME/bin, but the 
> RPM package 
> also sets a link from /usr/bin/sqlplus to $ORACLE_HOME/bin, 
> thus 'sqlplus' 
> is in the $PATH also without $ORACLE_HOME. (But sqlplus 
> cannot be started 
> until the LD_LIBRARY_PATH is extended to Oracles libraries.)

Ahhh... so Setup.hs thinks sqlplus is in /usr/bin, rather than
$ORACLE_HOME/bin. That explains:
  include-dirs: /usr/oci

I'll have to change the way that Setup.hs tries to find $ORACLE_HOME.
Using getEnv would be a much better idea. I don't recall why I didn't
use it before; perhaps it's not always set on Windows installations.

> > Your $ORACLE_HOME installation looks fairly normal, if somewhat
> > minimal. I would normally expect to see sqlplus, and maybe 
> some other
> > executables, like tnsping. And a folder $ORACLE_HOME/oci/include,
> > which contains the OCI header files.
> They got installed to:
>    /usr/include/oracle/
>   That is, they are not in $ORACLE_HOME. :-(

I'm not sure how Setup.hs would find out where these are installed. Any
ideas? It may not matter, as I think you can compile without them. I'd
expect problems if you compile -fvia-C, though.

> >> $ runhaskell Setup.hs configure --user -f oracle
> >> Configuring Takusen-0.8.2...
> >
> > Here, I would expect to see "Using Oracle: 
> /usr/lib/oracle/"
> It does not tell me. :-(

That is odd.

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