[Haskell-cafe] CAL (OpenQuark) and enterprise

Daniil Elovkov daniil.elovkov at googlemail.com
Tue Jul 15 16:37:17 EDT 2008

fero wrote:
> And what if writing new application? Has anybody experience with enterprise
> application in functional language? Is it really clearer? I can see a
> advantage in using Scala but it doesn't have some features from Haskell or
> CAL or requires more code to write. Or better has anybody experience with
> the same and functional language for JVM? And what about ORM (e.g.
> Hibernate)? And what about objects, they are stateful itself. And CRUD is a
> very common part of enterprise applications and I think it's easier in
> imperative style (client is declarative of course but it assigns values to
> fields). I am interested in ours opinions/experience in business logic (not
> any infrastructure or client stuff) for apps such as
> accounting/bank/insurance/document management... systems in functional
> languages. Sometimes the rules for these kind of apps is more complex that
> it seem to be and such systems are maintained for many years (some even
> decades) so it needs to be readable. Rule engines are very popularized among
> java community now but I think many logic can be expressed clearer in
> functions. It is maybe useful for some kind of logic (e.g. calculate price
> with discounts) but for what I do I can write the same clearer in java that
> in rule engine (and much clearer in Haskell and I am only beginner. What
> will come after few years coding;). 

You may start writing more obscure code.

Look at this:

This is humour, of course.

> Miles Sabin wrote:
>> On Wed, Jul 9, 2008 at 6:28 PM, Neil Mitchell <ndmitchell at gmail.com>
>> wrote:
>>> On the Haskell list I think its fair to say everyone recommends you
>>> should use Haskell.
>> Not necessarily. If the OP has a significant body of existing Java
>> code (s)he has to work with (which is what the question suggests) then
>> Scala would most likely be a very good place to look.

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