[Haskell-cafe] haskellwiki and Project Euler

Tony Morris tmorris at tmorris.net
Sat Feb 23 18:20:03 EST 2008

Daniel Fischer wrote:
> Hi all,
> I try not to be too rude, although I'm rather disgusted.
> I know there are several sites out on the web where solutions to PE problems 
> are given. That is of course absolutely against the sporting spirit of 
> Project Euler, but hey, not all people are sporting.
> I've found http://www.haskell.org/haskellwiki/Euler_problems irritating for a 
> while, but wasn't overly annoyed by it while it only contained code for 
> solving a few dozen problems.
> Today I learnt that it now contains code for all problems.
> Really bad!
> On top of that, the code for many problems isn't even Haskell, but C, WTF!
> Other code was submitted without consent of the author, copied from the PE 
> fora, which are restricted access and so, even if perhaps not legally, but in 
> spirit, do not fall under the legitimate resources for haskellwiki:
> "You are also promising us that you wrote this yourself, or copied it from a 
> public domain or similar free resource. DO NOT SUBMIT COPYRIGHTED WORK 
> To make matters worse still, there was a page containing nothing but the 
> answers. That was changed, but Cale chose to reintroduce that crap.
> I just removed it again. Your turn, Cale.
> I call on the Haskell community to vote for immediate removal of these pages 
> from the wiki!
> Show that you're a sporting bunch.
> Daniel Fischer
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You're going the right way about having the answers published in more 
ways than just the Haskell wiki. I'm only making a prediction, not a threat.

Tony Morris

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