[Haskell-cafe] Installation of GLUT package

Claus Reinke claus.reinke at talk21.com
Sun Sep 9 07:48:57 EDT 2007

> >> Loading package OpenGL-2.2.1 ... linking ... done.
> >> Loading package GLUT-2.1.1 ... linking ... done.
> >
> > The above message was after you have installed GLUT-2.0, but GHC was
> > still loading GLUT-2.1.1. The later errors were caused by your forced
> > copy of 2.0 lib over the default 2.1.1.
> I noticed this myself.  The problem is, I don't know where to get
> GLUT-2.1.1.  If I look on Hackage [1] and select GLUT from the
> Graphics category, I am directed to GLUT-2.0.
> [1] http://hackage.haskell.org/packages/archive/pkg-list.html

the messages indicate that you already have GLUT-2.1.1
somewhere, even installed at some point. for the latest


should give the correct pointers (btw, the hopengl mailinglist
specifically covers these topics and, being low-traffic, has a
better chance of reaching Sven, whenever he catches up with
haskell-related email). 

in contrast to the hopengl home page, which is outdated, the link 
above is on the wiki, and is meant to collect information that usually 
puzzles new hopengl users. so if one of those who have successfully 
replaced glut with freeglut on windows (or other platforms) could 
add instructions to that page, that would be useful. from Ron's log,
it appears that simply replacing the dll does not quite work?


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