[Haskell-cafe] Re: Elevator pitch for Haskell.

Dan Weston westondan at imageworks.com
Thu Sep 6 15:08:55 EDT 2007

Perhaps your (admittedly young) colleague had other reasons to inquire...

It turns out that (in the US at least) the lambda symbol is one of the 
symbols of gay pride since the 1970's:


If you google "lambda gay" you will find many more references.

There may be a crossover marketing opportunity there for functional 
programming: a rainbow T-shirt with a giant pink lambda symbol, and on 
the back:

   "Lambda: the sign of a functional lifestyle"

As gays are much better organized than Haskellers, this could be a big 
win in exposure for Haskell, like wearing Maxwell's equations on a 
T-shirt at a Grateful Dead concert! :)

Dan Weston

Ketil Malde wrote:
> On Wed, 2007-09-05 at 09:54 -0700, Simon Michael wrote:
>> I agree actually. That picture, while very cool, won't help Haskell  
>> marketing one bit. :)
> Avoid success at all costs, remember?
>> Lisp's "made with alien technology" is much more inviting:  
>> http://www.lisperati.com/logo.html . 
> True.  Perhaps we can take it, but change the text to
>         advanced
> "Made with V alien technology"
> ?
> Albert Y.C. Lai wrote:
>> I have also looked at the culture of people 10-20 years younger than me.
> To wit: I put the lambda-hazard skull on my door, and fifteen minutes
> later a (admittedly young) colleague was asking about the lambda symbol,
> and I was extolling the virtues of functional programming. :-)
> -k
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